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MSTS .Eng/.Wag files search:

Getting Missing files error in MSTS ?
Where to get these files ? :(
No clues from Goooooogling....!!!
Seeking for some help on the Forums....!!!!!

Get rid of these problems here at the MSTS Files search section of IndianRailSim !!!!

A unique search utility for the Indian MSTS users messing up with the missing Engines (.ENG) and Wagons (.WAG) files error messages while playing the game.

This online search application will assist you to sort out the needed Zip files containing the missing .ENG and .WAG files listed in the MSTS error message.

This utility is meant for searching Indian MSTS Roliing stocks and few foreign stocks Addons available at various websites.

The search generates the result with Zip file name, description, Author's name and the website url to the file location. Just input the ENG or WAG file name in the search fields. You can search a maximum of 7 files at a time.


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